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Prior to powder coating the customer must remove sludge, grease, oils, bearings, seals, and gasket material from all parts. Nationwide Powder Coating can make arrangements to have these items removed at additional cost.

Important Information: Media Blasting and Chemical pretreatment performed on your parts will prepare the surface of your parts for powder coating . However, these processes do not always remove all the oil or grease from hidden areas such as pocketed recesses or (tapped) holes. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure all of these areas are thoroughly cleaned. In the baking process, oils and greases will melt and flow out of holes and onto the powder-coated surfaces, ruining the finish. Nationwide Powder Coating is not responsible for any damaged coatings due to improperly cleaned parts.

Proper Surface Conditions
Some parts might require a two step process at an extra cost to ensure Quality of Powder Coating

Nationwide Powder Coating stands behind their work by offering a twelve (12) month warranty on new new items against peeling, major fading of the powder coated surfaces.

Nationwide Powder Coating will not warranty items with the following issues

• Part discoloration due to extreme heat
• Chips, cracking, peeling or blistering that may occur
• Rusting caused by chips or gouges on the powder coating surface
• Damage caused by the use of abrasive cleaners, bleach or other harmful chemicals
• Powder coating over chrome
• Poorly casted parts that have surface imprefections on old or new items
• Freight damage
• Repairs made by parties other other than Nationwide Powder Coating

Please pack your items with plenty of padding because we will return them in the same packaging they are received in. If we determine that additional padding or packaging materials are needed to be enhanced to ensure the quality of the item, Nationwide Powder Coating will do so and charge the customer accordingly. Damages must be handled through the shipping company.

Repairs and Returns
Purchaser should inspect shipment at time of delivery and note any damage on the bill of lading or delivery receipt. No claim by purchaser shall be valid unless notice therof, in writing, is received by Nationwide Powder Coating within seven (7) days after purchaser's receipt of merchandise.

Purchaser must contact Nationwide Powder Coating for a RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number.
No returns will be processed without an RGA number. RGA number must be referenced on paperwork
and on the outside of the shipping carton.

If desired we will ship smaller parts via UPS. UPS makes it easy to trace and insure your shipment. We can arrange shipments of larger items through several freight companies. Call for details.